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fads or no fads

vibram 5 fingers

I believe we all succumb to fads. Or, is it that the fads just happen to roll around to our way of thinking? Take barefoot running—a major topic these days. Personally I’m scared to try anything of the sort. Having had plantar fasciitis so bad that at times I used to crawl out of bed, I would never want to stray from what is working: a pair of very stable shoes with custom orthotics.

Yet, I have this friend (Tanya, you are so outed) who recently purchased the Vibram 5 fingers (why “fingers” and not “toes”, I have no idea). She’s been running in them all winter long and LOVES them (Her words: “They kick le a$$”). This is the story of the fad catching up with the personality: she’s always been a barefoot lady so transitioning to running barefoot is a no-brainer. I vowed never to be seen with her while they were on her feet—they are really bringing the term tech-geek to a new level. But I softened to the idea and they aren’t so bad, especially because on our country roads no one else is outside to see me with her and I am too busy trying to catch my breath to ever really take notice. (I did notice, however, her running—backwards!—up one very steep hill, waiting for me to catch up.)

On a more serious note, she loves them and they really do allow her to cruise up the hills effortlessly. I’m worried that if she keeps running in them in the spring and summer, I’ll be seeing her backside forever!


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A good friend bought me a long sleeve technical fabric this last fall. I simply love it!

First of all, that it’s a hoody automatically places it high on my list. (Side note: I’m wearing it right now even though I don’t plan on running today!)


everything: the fit is perfect. Length is just right –enough that I don’t expose the ol’ belly even if I wear my shorts below my hips. The material: technical & comfortable. Hood: great. Stays up when running. Logo on front is not too obtrusive. Side writing (IRUNLIKEGIRL!) is also well done.

Like most good technical gear, it smells. (Note to self: time to purchase one of those tech. gear detergents).

YES! In a heart beat. $40 isn’t so pricey and it’s so comfortable.

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One More Mile Skort

I purchased the One More Mile Skort after Runner’s World had it in their review a while back. Compared to the other skorts out there, it was the least expensive. I must say, I was dubious about wearing a skort–I have never been a skirt lady. Always baggy shorts. But I’m loving the skort! Makes me feel good and it’s comfortable.

One More Mile Skort

( http://www.onemoremilerunning.com/Shorts/Skirts/Running-Skirt/prod_227.html )

I love the way this looks on me.  The length is perfect–about half way down the thigh. It’s modest enough that this is my favorite skort to wear at the gym. The liner underneath is comfortable, breathable, and never rides up. Elastic waist has never failed nor folded. This skort also has two pockets in the front which I haven’t seen from other companies. It’s affordable at $29. Others run around $50.

The material looks great at first, but after the first wash it piled.  The pockets are great but the velcro enclosure really is bothersome. The liner might be just a tad too long. Not a huge fan of the purple logo.

Maybe. I think I would try another one, even though the price is right and it fits really well. I would hope they would investigate using a new material and work on the velcro enclosures.

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