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Okay, I know. It’s been way too long between posts. I had good intentions, yet this is what happened: I got injured. Not to feel sorry for myself (which I’ve already done a ton of over the last months) but I have been nursing a sore heel—posterior tibialis tendonitis or achilles tendonitis or perhaps both. Massage therapist>physical therapist>ART therapist. I find it interesting that when I go down the road-o’-injuries, I become woman of self-doubt and have no incentive to write about something that is so lacking in my world.

I won’t bore you with the details. Only to say that I’ll do my darndest to be back in writing form. I’d like to interview more women. On my list is women’s pro-football superstar Molly Goodwin. Any women who’ve inspired you? Let me know!

Coming up soon is the 6th annual Gorge Aprés Gorge on the Sunday after Thanksgiving: Nov. 28. New this year is a 9am 5k timed run ($10) and the regular ol’ 10am walk/stroll (free). Warm drinks will still be provided at the end (and potluck food goodies encouraged).


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