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Cali and Back

Just got back from a mini-vacation in the Bay Area, San Francisco. No kids, no husband. Just me. I got to play everyday!

Day 1: I’m still in training for my Seven Sisters run, so I convinced my sister to run 11 miles with me. We started in Rancho San Antonio, Thursday am with her friend and running buddy, Christine. Lots of beautiful green hills! We made it 8.6 miles (we kept doing loops, getting close to the car–which was way too tempting to just be done.) Not so bad-a few miles short of our goal.

Day 2: Alita and I ran 4.8 miles down and up the West Ridge Trail, Oakland hills. It was down, down, down. Then up, up, up. One thing I love about running with Alita is that she is never afraid to point out my deficits: I would run really hard up the hill until I had to walk. She would slowly run and make it all the way. Turtle/Hare syndrome. She’s right–slow and steady wins the race. This run was bliss–not because of the run itself, but because Alita and I have run together for almost 20 years(!). We can talk, be silent, run hard, push each other and leave each other when one wants to go faster (which was usually her). And even though we only run together once a year these days, nothing changes between us.

Day 3:
play #1:
jog with Alita and her dog Ashley to Lake Temescal and back. Easy, fun ~4.5 miles
play #2: jog with Alita and Deb (the woman I came out to SF to surprise for her 4oth) in Golden Gate Park. Like good ol’ times. Only our friend Jen was missing (she was 6 weeks post baby Leo’s birth). Lots of chatting, going through the Botanical Garden–awesome place! 3 or 4 miles.
play #3: a round of running disc golf with Seth, baby Leo’s dad, in Golden Gate Park–we weave in and out of groups of 12—not kidding!
note to self: back hurt. I wonder why?! I don’t usually run 2 days in a row, but 3 and golf? Yikes!

Day 4: Round of disc golf in SF monsoon with Mike Glass and Seth–wet would be an understatement. But there was no waiting!

So much fun. Love that I have so many friends to play with in San Francisco. Love, love, love.

a guest post coming soon: Sienna Wildfield is going to run her first 5k race this Saturday. Best of luck! Can’t wait to hear about it.


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